California crime wave: Beverly Hills ‘has turned into Gotham City’ under Gascon, Caitlyn Jenner says

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Far-left Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has turned posh Beverly Hills into a gloomy shell of itself, former California gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner told Fox News on Tuesday.

Jenner, an Olympic gold medalist and Fox News contributor, told “The Story” Gascon has simply accelerated the decline of California which she said has long been “absolutely broken” by one-party Democratic rule.

Jenner reflected on the state’s marked change since Ronald Reagan’s term as governor, saying she “sure hopes” the recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is a sign Democrats are gradually “moving to the other side.”

“Why? Because you walk down the streets in any major city in California. And what do you see? You see drug use. You see homelessness. You see a system that is absolutely broken by the Democrats,” she said.

LA County DA George Gascon could face another recall challenge.

LA County DA George Gascon could face another recall challenge. (Robyn Beck/AFP)

The attempts to recall Gascon are becoming a bipartisan issue, she said, noting how people in Los Angeles are intentionally dressing down to avoid being a target of unfettered crime.

“It’s even reached the wealthy people down here… Beverly Hills has turned into Gotham City because of Gascon’s process that he’s done. And it’s a shame to see – you can’t drive a nice car — First of all, gas is so expensive out here in California, [but] you can’t wear jewelry on Rodeo Drive,” Jenner said.

“The whole city has changed so drastically. It’s a shame.”

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin's recall challenge could have implications for Gascon.

San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin’s recall challenge could have implications for Gascon. (AP/AP)

On Boudin’s recall vote this week, Jenner blamed the prosecutor for the Gascon-style decline of San Francisco, blaming him for the rampant homelessness, unprosecuted smash-and-grabs all over the city, and drug crisis.

Host Martha MacCallum noted Boudin’s parents were former members of the Weather Underground militant group -as his mother, Kathy Boudin, pleaded guilty to murder charges in connection to the infamous 1981 Brinks Robbery at the Nanuet Mall in Clarkstown, N.Y. 


The aftermath of the robbery claimed the lives of two police officers who were later shot and killed while manning a roadblock on NY Route 59 – guarding the final NYS Thruway access before the Tappan-Zee Bridge.

Boudin’s father David Gilbert, the accused getaway driver, was granted clemency by then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and paroled in 2021.

“They later said they regretted their actions, and now their son is sort of trying to hang on as district attorney,” MacCallum said.

Charles Creitz is a reporter for Fox News Digital. 


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