How to draught-proof a home

WINTER days in the UK are not ones to mess with as temperatures can go so low, even snow might fall on some occasions.

That is why it is essential to keep your home warm, and by draught-proofing it, you’ll be saving money and staying toasty.

How to draught-proof a home

There are many ways to draught-proof your home to make sure you keep warm around your house.

Draughts normally come from the outside, so here we will give you a few tips that can help you warm up the inside of your home.

Seal gaps

Sealing gaps found in windows and doors can help you seal draughts.

You can find self-adhesive strips that you can stick to a gap in your window, however, these are not as durable as a brush or hinged flap strips.

Sealing the cracks in your floor can help reduce draught coming into your home


Sealing the cracks in your floor can help reduce draught coming into your homeCredit: Getty

That is why you might want to check them from time to time to ensure that they are still sealing that gap.

Brush or hinged flag strips can be used to draught-proof doors or even self-adhesive.

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Cover the keyholes

Keyholes might be taken for granted, however, they can let in a drought that makes your home a bit colder.

Adding a brass cover that pivots over the lock can make a huge difference in keeping your house warmer.

Draught-proof the letterbox

If your letterbox is attached to the front door, then you should ensure that it is covered with a strong, spring-mounted flat.

It should be made of metal ideally, for it to be stronger and keep draught from chilling your home.

Draught-proof floorboards

Using a floor filler can help you cover the cracks in your floor which might be letting some of the draughts in.

You can also use more wood pieces or even PVA glue to stick them together and seal the gaps.

Caulk is another strong substance which is highly recommended to fill in the gaps in your floor.

Why do I need to draught-proof my home?

Draught-proofing your home has many benefits and it is not just keeping your house warm.

This way of warming up your home can help you save on energy bills, which are recently rising by the second.

They can also help to reduce damp and condensation on your walls and furniture.


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