I’m a decorating pro – why a COMPASS is the key to painting your room white

IF YOU want to play it safe with your decorating, or even just like a chic and simple style, painting your walls white is the way to go.

But it turns out it’s not as simple as it may seem.

There's an important rule to follow when it comes to painting your walls white


There’s an important rule to follow when it comes to painting your walls whiteCredit: Getty

White is a great colour to paint your walls if you want to go for a chic and minimal style, or if you want to bring in colour with artwork and furnishings.

But according to this pro, if you’re not careful white walls can look dull.

Aaron Markwell from COAT Paints explained why, and what homeowners can do to make sure their whites always look bright.

He said: “White it evergreen.

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“It’s tough because white paint has so many nuances – but it doesn’t necessarily need to be.”

He explained that there are two important questions to ask and one “fundamental rule to follow.”

“Firstly, what direction does the room face? Get the compass out on your phone and check. 

“In all cases, North-facing rooms have a cooler and less intense light, and South-facing rooms are naturally brighter and warmer. 

“So if you’ve got a North-facing room choose a white with yellow or brown undertones – a bit creamier or earthier, like ‘Pampas’ – to help neutralise the cooler northern light. 

“If you’re blessed with a sun-filler South-facing room then you can go bright white if you like.”

The second question the decorating whizz said to ask is how do you want to feel in the space?

You might want to feel relaxed in one room but energetic in another, so it’s an important factor to consider.

He explained that bright white paints can be “quite stark unless you soften it with furnishings.”

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But warmer, creamier whites can feel more cosy, however they’re not as crisp, according to the pro.

“A nice mid-point could be a very pale Greige,” he explained that the neutral colour can “add an earthiness to the white without it feeling magnolia.”

a mix of grey, white and beige can be a good mid-point


a mix of grey, white and beige can be a good mid-pointCredit: Getty


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