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Maximum effort

Eddie Howe has demanded maximum buy-in from maverick Allan Saint-Maximin, OSCAR PAUL WRITES.

“You will never make Maxi be like another winger, he’s unique, and the team has to work around that uniqueness.

“For a player of his type, consistency will always be an issue … but as long as we get the buy-in from him to the team and he is really committed to the things he finds more difficult – recovery runs and working off the ball – the other things will take care of themselves.

“It’s something I’ve had to learn quite quickly because over-coaching him is a negative.

“Part of the strength of Allan is that you can almost let him do his stuff.

“You don’t want him over-thinking the game because his natural talent is so impulsive.

“So I’ve tried to strike that balance while also giving him guidelines that the team needs him to deliver. It’s quite a delicate thing.”

Saint-Maximin, 25, is back up to speed following the international break and he is in line to start against Tottenham tomorrow.

Howe added: “We are just looking for the best Maxi – when he is at his best there is no one like him.

“I’ve never coached anyone quite like him, and that’s a positive thing.

“But it’s about harnessing that and trying to make that function for the team.”


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