Love Island fans are saying the same thing about Luca after he becomes ‘weirdly attached’ to Gemma

LOVE Island fans reckon Luca Bish has become “weirdly attached” to Gemma Owen – and they all think it’s for the same reason.

Fishmonger Luca, 23, coupled up with 19-year-old Gemma during the dramatic recoupling in Friday’s Love Island.

Love Island fans are convinced Luca knows who Gemma's famous father is


Love Island fans are convinced Luca knows who Gemma’s famous father isCredit: itv

And it seems he’s already smitten as Luca was seen planning their lives together after the show last night.

After football mad Luca told Gemma he planned to take her to Mykonos and Santorini when they left the show, fans at home took to Twitter to claim he’d worked out her dad is Michael Owen.

One wrote: “Luca talking about holidays already. I think he knows who her dad is.”

Another said: “Luca 100% knows who Gemma’s father is LOL like wtf you doing talking about Mykonos 1 second after coupling.”

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And a third added: “Luca knows who Gemma’s dad is and is trying to secure the bag. Only explanation for this level of obsession.”

It comes after viewers slammed Luca as “possessive” over his behaviour when Gemma’s ex Jacques O’Neill entered the villa.

He later had a chat with Andrew Le Page, 27, about how he felt.

Luca said: “I want to make sure she’s ok because if my ex walked in I’d probably wouldn’t be. Eight months ain’t too long but with mine I would definitely feel a bit gutted or upset that they’re here…”

He continued: “Right now my jumper smells of her perfume, does his? No.”

Luca then asked Andrew to smell his sleeve and the estate agent joked that he should go up to him and ask if he can smell it.

As Luca acted out what he would do, he put his arm out and said: “Do you recognise this smell son? She’s marking her territory boy. “

He went on to ponder if Gemma is keen to see where things go with her former lover.

Many fans on Twitter think that Luca is being “possessive” over Gemma.

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One wrote on Twitter: “Luca is treating Gemma like an object that he won rather than an actual person. Giving possessive vibes. I don’t see them lasting long.”

Another said: “Luca is giving possessive vibes.”

Her dad is football hero Michael Owen


Her dad is football hero Michael OwenCredit: instagram


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