Moment bombs are dropped on Russian troops in ‘Predator’-style infrared footage

THIS is the jaw-dropping moment bombs are dropped on Russian soldiers in “Predator-style” infrared footage.

The dramatic video shows Putin’s troops running for their lives as a bomb falls to the ground, causing a massive explosion.

The moment Ukrainian forces drop attacked from above


The moment Ukrainian forces drop attacked from aboveCredit: Reddit Russian soldiers were seen trying to flee for their lives


Russian soldiers were seen trying to flee for their livesCredit: Reddit

The thermal camera which is mounted on the small drone, captures a group of Russian soldiers, desperately trying to hide.

Moments later the bomb can be seen hurtling towards the ground sparking a huge cloud of smoke.

The hit is followed by more bombs dropping as the shells can be seen plummeting towards the ground.

It comes as Ukrainian fighters continue to wreak havoc with drones, using one to blitz a Russian tank as Putin’s war goes on.

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Footage obtained from the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine showed defenders blasting a tank as fighters are said to have been sitting on top boozing.

Last month, a Russian soldier was caught flipping his middle finger at a Ukrainian drone moments before the attack.

A strike in the village of Zirkuni in the northeastern Ukrainian region of Kharkiv Oblast saw Russian troops frantically trying to hide in back gardens as their tanks were spotted by Ukrainian drones.

Ukraine has also been using deadly “kamikaze” Switchblade drones which can hover over a Russian tank for 40 minutes before striking at 115mph.

These killer weapons are operated by a tablet device and can be pre-programmed, weigh 50lb and can fly 25 miles.

They also have special armour-piercing warheads that can shred a tank to pieces. 

And a Ukrainian soldier was dubbed “The Hulk” after he was filmed blasting Russian tanks with a rocket launcher.

Meanwhile, Putin’s bloody war continues with Ukraine saying its forces have been pushed back from the centre of the eastern city of Severodonetsk, where fighting with Russia has raged for weeks.

The Ukrainian military said on a Facebook post: “The enemy, with support of artillery, carried out assault operations in the city of Severodonetsk, had partial success, pushed our units away from the city centre.”

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A Brit former soldier was killed in Severodonetsk while fighting on the front line.

Jordan Gatley, who left the British Army in March, was hailed as “truly a hero” after he was killed in battle.

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