My friend did her first-ever tattoo – people are comparing it to something rude

ONE Reddit user shared a photo of their friend’s first-ever tattoo of a stingray, but some people don’t quite see that animal.

Reddit user KAnnaLorl posted a photo of the tattoo, saying they drew it before it was tattooed on a friend.

A debate is raging over what someone's first-ever tattoo resembles


A debate is raging over what someone’s first-ever tattoo resembles

Many Reddit users responded with kind comments and words of encouragement for the new tattoo artist.

“It’s so cute! Like the Pusheen version of a stingray,” one user wrote.

“Not the cleanest or the best work but I personally find it charming,” commented someone else.

But not everyone had something nice to say.

In fact, multiple Reddit users compared the tattoo to a cat.

“Looks like a ghost cat side ways … love it,” another chimed in.

“My first thought was ghost cat and I love it omg,” someone else said.

“Looks more like a cat poltergeist though,” one person wrote.

Others agreed it looked like a spooky cat and just needed whiskers.

But one user’s comment went so far as to say the tattoo “looks like a sperm with wings.”

Then, a debate arose over the type of ray the tattoo depicts.

Someone commented that it needs to be “labeled correctly as a manta.”

“I mean it’s kinda cute, not the best work but it’s not a stingray. Your friend really didn’t do his/her research,” another commented, including a link to types of rays.

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Criticism aside, the original poster shared the photo for fun.

“Thats why i posted, the person who has it just wanted something to remember us by she didnt care if it would turn out ugly,” KAnnaLorl wrote.

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