What to Cook This Week


I like Hetty McKinnon’s latest, too. It’s a sesame cucumber and avocado salad that is great on its own, but I think would also pair nicely with some sushi-grade yellowfin tuna or wild Alaskan salmon, cut into slabs and planked raw over rice.


And then, to head into the weekend, you can make my version of spiedies, that great taste of Binghamton, N.Y. I like them made with venison best, but pork, beef, lamb or chicken works as well. Just plan ahead and get the chunks of protein into their marinade by Thursday at the latest, so the acids have time to do their work.

Now, it’s a far cry from XO sauce and beef Wellington, but you’ll want to read our Sarah Lyall on the joys of vacation reading.

Over at The Cut, Jake Gyllenhaal spoke to Emilia Petrarca about pasta pomodoro.

Clare Jackson took to the London Review of Books to write a fascinating review of a biography of Elizabeth Stuart by Nadine Akkerman, “Elizabeth Stuart: Queen of Hearts.”

Finally, here’s MJ Lenderman to play us off, “Tastes Just Like It Costs.” Listen to that nice and loud, and I’ll be back on Monday.


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