BGT fans all have same complaint about winner Axel Blake

Axel Blake hits back at fans who claim the show was fixed

Viewers were surprised last night when Axel Blake won BGT, despite already having a successful career in comedy.

However, he has hit back at these detractors.

He told Lorraine: “You know what it’s like, people will say, ‘hang on a minute, Britain’s Got Talent is about undiscovered talent.’”

“So I put that show on myself. I (financed) it, everything myself,” Axel explained.

“I put my money where my mouth is. So it looks like ‘Oh wow, Amazon Prime’ but it doesn’t look like that on the back end. It was a lot of stress.

“I had to borrow from other people, I had already put the deposit down, and after that, Amazon picked it up. So it wasn’t (made) for Amazon Prime. Amazon picked it up.”

He continued: “I recorded it, then Amazon was like, ‘Oh we want that’ and that was like a year later.”

Fans are not convinced, one said: “The show cleverly designed to fix the winner.”

Another wanted to hear about his other achievements before Britain’s Got Talent, writing: “What about his o2 gig he did?”


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