Brian Brenburg slams Biden admin for using energy crisis to push liberal agenda

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Brian Brenburg explains on “Hannity” that the Biden admin is ‘not letting a crisis go to waste’ by using the rising energy prices to further push their climate initiatives.

BRIAN BRENBURG: The president is doubling down on the wrong hand. We have seen this play out before. That’s what we’ve watched in Europe for the better part of two decades. They have tried to double down on green energy, and that left them dependent on a dictator. We’re going to end up in the exact same kind of spot if we keep going down the green religion path that he’s going down, a religion that demands sacrifice, isn’t interested in growth, isn’t interested in getting wealthier, so we can innovate cleaner technologies. It wants Americans to pay up. This is the wrong approach. … But at this point, the president completely lacks any strategic direction on helping Americans. One gets the impression, and you can see this in the polls, Americans think this one gets the impression that the president likes these higher prices because he doesn’t want to let this crisis go to waste, and he’s willing to put it on the backs of American families. 



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