Despot Putin’s lavish fashion choices include £10,000 coat, £2,400 roll-neck

VLADIMIR Putin’s elaborate fashion choices have been revealed – including a £10,000 coat and a luxury watch collection.

The Russian president might be in the middle of leading the invasion of Ukraine but that doesn’t stop him from flaunting designer outfits.

Vladimir Putin likes to show off his fashion taste with expensive designer items


Vladimir Putin likes to show off his fashion taste with expensive designer itemsCredit: GettyThe Russian president also boasts a luxurious watch collection


The Russian president also boasts a luxurious watch collectionCredit: AFP

When Putin, 69, addressed his countrymen at a pro-war rally last week he donned a £10,000 Loro Piana jacket worth over thirty times Russia’s average monthly wage.

The luxury coat wasn’t the only item with a hefty price tag with a £2,400 roll-neck jumper from Italian designer Kiton worn along with other exorbitant designer clothes.

According to Russia Beyond, his suits have a starting price tag of £4,000 and are produced by one skilled tailor, reports The Mirror.

Putin likes to dress in custom-tailored black suits and “dour” ties, earning him the nickname of the ‘Man in Black’.

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Sources say his favourite clothing brand is Brioni, the Italian tailor famous for dressing Bond, while his shoes come from Salvatore Ferragamo or John Lobb.

Stylists reportedly rip off any labels so no attention is drawn to the lavish brands that Putin wears.

The Kremlin leader’s luxury watch collection is not to be outdone by his fancy choice of clothing.

He allegedly possesses a watch collection worth nearly £450,000.

The centrepiece of that ensemble is the fancy £300,000 Tourbograph which boasts a handstitched crocodile leather strap and gold plated arms.

Russian opposition group Solidarity stated in 2012 that Putin’s pricey collection is valued at almost six times his official salary.

However, the Russian leader has also given away some of his expensive timepieces, gifting an £8,000 watch to a Siberian boy he met on holiday in 2009.

Putin’s lavish taste also extends to his gym wear as he once posed for photos during a workout while sporting a £2,400 Loro Piana tracksuit.

Not made from common athletic materials, his designer outfit is made from cashmere and silk which are not especially known for absorbing sweat.

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The despot’s huge spending isn’t just limited to his style and he’s the proud owner of a $1billion mansion known as ‘Putin’s Palace’ as well as 19 other properties, 58 planes and helicopters and a £73m superyacht.

New documents recently revealed that a £532 million luxury superyacht probed by Italian authorities does belong to Putin himself.

The Russian leader has even owned outlandish pets – including a tiger called Boris, who he released into the wild on live TV in 2015.

Putin decided on lavish clothing during a workout in the past


Putin decided on lavish clothing during a workout in the pastCredit: AFP


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