Killed by a Rich Kid: Yousef Makki’s mum wore son’s socks before she died

THE devastated mum of Yousef Makki wore her murdered son’s socks to “comfort” her before she “died of a broken heart”.

Debbie Makki, 55, revealed the touching tribute to the teenager in the new Channel 4 documentary Killed By A Rich Kid.

Debbie Makki still wore her son's socks after his murder in 2019


Debbie Makki still wore her son’s socks after his murder in 2019 Tragic Yousef Makki was stabbed in the heart by one of his friends


Tragic Yousef Makki was stabbed in the heart by one of his friends

She featured in the film, which aired on Monday, detailing her son’s murder on March 2, 2019, discussing her battle to get justice for Yousef.

Private schoolboy and pal Joshua Molnar subsequently admitted to stabbing Yousef, but a jury accepted he had acted in self-defence.

The close-knit Makki family were left “broken” by the verdict, while his beloved mother was unable to go on without him – and died just a year after her son was killed.

Debbie discussed the overwhelming grief she struggled with after Yousef’s tragic death, revealing she still wears some of his socks.

She told filmmakers how she touchingly still put them on to feel close to her late son.

Debbie explained: “I’ve got a collection of Yousef’s socks and most of them are odd because he used to leave them in the gym.

“But for some reason, it gives me comfort to wear his socks, which I always used to do.

“He was a typical teenager, quite lazy, his bedroom was a mess.

“When I had a flare-up of arthritis he would be the first one to run to the shops or do something for me – he never left my side when I was ill.”

Their close bond was torn apart when his friend Molnar plunged a knife through his heart, before lying to cops about what had happened.

Debbie and her daughter Jade Akoum, 29, campaigned tirelessly against knife crime and to get justice for Yousef.

She said in tonight’s harrowing documentary: “Until we get some answers we will explore any avenue we have to.

“We have to get justice in his name and we will.”

The grief-stricken mother then told her family: “When I’m not here to still carry on, I know you will.”

Debbie tragically passed away after being rushed to hospital with suspected sepsis in May 2020, just 16 months after Yousef’s death.

Her family said she had died “of a broken heart” and that the toll of losing her son “was colossal”.

Jade said in the documentary: “She would probably be happy that she was passing away so that she could be with Yousef.”

Debbie, who suffered with a severe form of arthritis, was forced to be far from her grandchildren – who had “kept her going” as she grieved for her son – due to the coronavirus lockdown.

For some reason, it gives me comfort to wear his socks, which I always used to do.

Debbie Makki

Yousef was tragically killed on March 2, 2019.

Joshua Molnar, 18, was cleared of murder and manslaughter following a four-week trial at Manchester Crown Court in July last year, telling the jury he acted in self-defence after Yousef pulled a blade on him.

Speaking at an anti-knife rally, Debbie told of her devastation at the death of her teen son.

Recounting the moment she had rushed to the hospital, she said: “As I reached the hospital the surgeon stood in front of me and shook his head.

“I knew then it was too late and my boy had gone.

“He’d been found dying in the road, alone. No one to help him, or cuddle or speak to him, in his final moments.

“The reality of knife crime is, unless you have lost a loved one, especially a child, knowing you can’t touch your child because he is now a piece of forensic evidence.

“My boy, who I have protected for 17 years and watched him grow into a loving, beautiful and intelligent young man was never going to walk into my room again.”

Molnar admitted possession of a knife and perverting the course of justice by initially lying to police about what had happened, and was given 16 months in custody.

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The teen was arrested alongside Adam Chowdhary, 18, who bought the flick knife that killed Yousef online.

Cowdhary, then 17, was later acquitted of perverting the course of justice. He was given a four-month detention order after admitting possession of a flick knife.

Debbie Makki died of a broken heart after losing her son


Debbie Makki died of a broken heart after losing her sonCredit: Facebook


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