Putin’s climate envoy steps down from his Kremlin post, reportedly over the Ukraine war.

President Vladimir V. Putin’s climate envoy was reported to have become the senior-most Russian government official to quit over the war in Ukraine.

Bloomberg reported that the envoy, Anatoly Chubais, had left the country, “citing his opposition” to the war. The state news agency Tass said only that Mr. Chubais, a former deputy prime minister under President Boris N. Yeltsin in the 1990s, had stepped down from his Kremlin post.

A spokeswoman for Mr. Chubais declined to comment.

His departure would be the most striking example of discord in Russia’s ruling elite over Mr. Putin’s invasion, which appears to have taken even many senior officials by surprise.

A slew of Russian performers and state television journalists have already left the country since the war’s beginning and spoken out against it. But government officials, for now, have stuck to the Kremlin line.

Mr. Chubais is not a member of Mr. Putin’s inner circle of security officials and was seen as one of the few liberal-minded officials remaining in Mr. Putin’s government. But his leading role in Russia’s 1990s economic reforms and his position since 2020 as Mr. Putin’s climate envoy makes him a prominent figure in Moscow.


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