Brits bask in 19C spring scorcher

Britain facing 60mph gales

Brits will be faced with stormy weather and winds of close to 60 miles per hour hitting the UK, after a week of high temperatures.

The high pressure which has brought this nicer, milder weather will then drift off westwards, according to the latest BBC Weather for the Week ahead report.

It will be replaced by lower pressures and lower temperatures.

On March 31, rainy weather and high winds will pick up across much of the UK.

Northern Ireland could see a max wind gust of 50 miles per hour.

Conditions will be even worse on April 3, with winds expected to be stronger.

Maximum gusts of around 51.6mph are likely to hit parts of northern Wales, according to maps from WX Charts.

And in London, the speed is predicted to reach just shy of 60 miles per hour (59.5).

Jim Dale from the British Weather Services said low pressures with air from Scandinavia will take over from next week.

Mr Dale added: “[There will be] snow too by the middle of the week for the mountains of Scotland and Scotland as a whole.”


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