Sean Hannity: US must learn lessons from history, no more Vietnams or Afghanistans

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Sean Hannity urged the Biden administration Monday to keep U.S. soldiers out of another war and provide arms to Ukraine so they can defend their homeland and protect their freedom.

SEAN HANNITY: Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is waging a baseless war of aggression against a sovereign nation. My position on this has been very clear: Although there are people that are so stupid in the mob and the media, they have no clue. There is no ambiguity where I stand. As I have said over and over again, no matter how bad the situation becomes in Ukriane, there can never be any U.S. boots on the ground, and I also add that there can’t be a no-fly zone where we are in direct combat with Russia in the air. We are not the world’s police force. We can no longer send our national treasure, your sons and daughters, our sons and daughters, to fight and die in a conventional war pushed by politicians on both sides. They all start out gung ho, they start the war, they never fight to win the war, the war gets politicized after whatever period of time, and the politicians say, “never mind.” 

The soldiers get pulled out, like the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. We end up back at square one after so much sacrifice and bloodshed and so many dead Americans and so many injured Americans. Never again, We need to learn the lessons from history. No more Vietnams, no more Afghanistans. But we can, and we should learn from history what does work. In short, you get weapons and supplies to our allies, in this case in Ukraine, so they can fight and win this war by themselves where they have shown great courage, the will to fight, and the will to defeat Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

We as conservatives believe in natural rights, God given rights that were endowed by our creator, rights do not come from our government. Instead of sending waves of U.S. ground forces to foreign lands to fight long, bloody, conventional wars, Ronald Reagan armed our allies so they could fight for their own freedom in their own countries. He did this with Nicaragua, with the contras, against the sandinistas and Daniel Ortega. They were fighting the Soviet-backed communists there and he also did it with the mujahideen, albeit imperfect people, in Afghanistan. Reagan never put a single American boots to fight on the ground there. None. Instead of cowering in fear or attempting to appease the Soviets, he stood up to them at every turn without starting a long conventional war. Guess what? It worked. The Soviets were defeated in Afghanistan thanks to the stinger missiles that Ronald Reagan provided them. 


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