Suspect agrees to turn himself in to cops after rapper’s home invasion death

THE man police suspect fatally shot Trouble agreed to turn himself in late Monday night.

Jamichael Jones, 33, has agreed to turn himself in on warrants issued against him for murder, home invasion, and assault charges, reports CBS46.

Police were reportedly searching for the 33-year-old in connection to the shooting. Law enforcement told WSB-TV Jones was involved in a “domestic situation” with a woman the rapper was visiting when he was shot and killed.

The rapper, whose legal name is Mariel Semonte Orr, was reportedly shot to death in a domestic home invasion at about 3.20am on Sunday at the Lake St James Apartment complex in Georgia, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office told WSB-TV.

Just weeks before his passing, Trouble tweeted, “Neva know when yo numba gon be called!”

“Life short dawg smh.”

“Love yo ppl n make sho dey know!” Trouble added.

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  • Eerie coincidence

    Trouble was shot and killed exactly thirty-one years to the day after MC Trouble died. She was the first female rapper signed to Motown Records.

    Her real name was LaTasha Sheron Rogers. She died in her sleep after an epileptic seizure that was brought on by complications from a brain tumor.

  • Trouble’s accolades

    Trouble’s song Bussin, from his debut album in 2011, has over 2.7million views on YouTube.

    In 2015, the rapper was featured on Young Thug’s hit Thief in the Night.

    His 2018 debut studio album, Edgewood, includes a collaboration with Drake.

    Trouble’s most recent album was Thug Luv in 2020.

  • Last party

    Trouble had shared an advertising poster on social media for the party It’s a Legendary Summer which was held in Decatur, Georgia on June 4.

    There are several clips from a party on his Instagram stories.

  • Celebrities who have died in 2022, part 2

    More stars who have unfortunately died are:

  • Police en route to pick up suspect

    Deputies from the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office are en route to take the suspected shooter, Jamichael Jones, into custody.

    The Sheriff’s office will hold a press conference after with more details.

  • Celebrity deaths of 2022

    So far this year, we have lost a number of notable faces. Among those are:

  • Fan shares Thief in the Night video

    “RIP Trouble,” they wrote on Twitter.

    “Thief in the Night will forever be a classic.”

  • Suspect agrees to turn himself in

    Jamichale Jones, the man accused of shooting Trouble has agreed to turn himself in.

  • When was Trouble shot?

    The rapper was shot at about 3.20am Sunday.

    The shooting occurred at the Lake St. James Apartment complex at 50 St. James Drive in Conyers, according to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Fans in disbelief

    Several fans tweeted how they felt about Trouble. Many were shocked to hear about his death and devastated by the loss.

  • Trouble was ‘learning how to be happy’

    Rapper Lil Duval shared in a tweet that Trouble was someone he would preach to and help spiritually.

    He said Trouble just learning how to be happy.

  • BET posts a tribute

    The BET network offered its condolences to the late star, as well as his friends and family.

  • Trouble’s collaborations

    Trouble has worked with a number of popular musicians, including Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka Flame, and Lupe Fiasco.

  • ‘I am numb’

    Fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike posted a tribute to Trouble on Instagram.

    He wrote, “Edgewood lost a Man amongst men and Atlanta will honor u always.”

  • Trouble’s ex is ‘praying for the industry’

    Alexis Sky, the ex-girlfriend of the Atlanta rapper posted on her Instagram story that she is “praying for the industry” as well as for peace, protection, guidance, wisdom, and for the future.

  • ‘Praying for the future’

    The rapper’s ex continued: “Respect yo ppl Respect Life! It can Be all ova any day!”

    Alexis then shared some words of her own, writing: “Praying for the industry … Praying for peace … Praying for protection … Praying for wisdom … Praying for guidance … Praying for the future,” via Instagram stories.

  • Alexis Skyy on Trouble’s death

    Following his death, Alexis took to her Instagram account to share a screenshot of one of Trouble’s Twitter posts from May 14, 2022.

    “Life short af dawg smh,” the post reads.

    “Neva know when yo numBa gon Be called! Move wit grace.”

    Trouble’s tweet continued: “Be grateful … Forgive – Dont forget … Love yo ppl n make sho dey know!!”

  • Trouble’s relationship with Alexis Skyy

    Known for her appearances on various legs of the Love & Hip Hop franchise, Alexis Skyy is a social media influencer and reality television personality.

    She and Trouble reportedly dated throughout 2019.

  • Suspect sought

    Police are searching for Jamichael Jones, 33.

    Jones has been named a suspect in the case, and he now has warrants issued against him for murder, home invasion, and assault charges, according to Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jedidia Canty.

  • Pitchfork shares five essential tracks

    Pitchfork writer Dylan Green remembers Trouble by sharing, in their opinion, the top five most essential tracks in his discography:

    • Bussin’ (2011)
    • Thief in the Night (2015)
    • What Happen Luh Gangsta (2016)
    • Real is Rare (2018)
    • Ain’t My Fault (2019)
  • Monica Denise pays tribute

    Singer Monica posted an emotional tribute to the rapper on Instagram which continued on her story, where she said that she “wasn’t ready” for Trouble’s unexpected passing.

  • Meek Mill woke up to the news

    Rapper Meek Mill tweeted that he woke up to texts warning him to be careful as news of Trouble’s passing spreads.

    “And I woke up to rip trouble…. Everybody texting be careful! Smh rip fam!!!!”

  • Lebron James says ‘rest in paradise’

    NBA star Lebron James tweeted his respects for Trouble, calling his song with Young Thug a “super classic.”

  • ‘Be mindful’

    Trouble tweeted a warning for his fans to be “mindful who you kick it with” days before being shot dead.

    The Atlanta-based rapper tweeted: “I pay attention to erthang, so I realize when im wit certain m*******z erBody Be LIT n LIVIN life.

    “Wit othaz u end up lookin miseraBle n sad af.

    “Be mindful of who u kick it wit. Dat s**t ruB off eitha way.”

    In another tweet leading up to his death, Trouble wrote: “Keep in mind, im not TELLIN yall n****z what u GOTTA DO an aint mad atya Bout nan. Dis jus MY OPINION!”

  • Who is Jamichael Jones?

    Jamichael Jones, 33, is the suspected gunman that shot and killed Trouble.

    According to his Instagram, Jones is the owner of DG Global Management, LLC.

    Jones has collaborated on music under the name Dirt Gang JMike.


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